Thousands of patients suffering from HAE will have access to medicines for the first time, with the launch of the HAEi Global Access Program, a landmark medication access program.

HAEi is proud to announce the HAEi Global Access Program (HAEi GAP).

It is the first time that a patient group has initiated this type of medication distribution program.

The HAEi GAP model initially includes a ‘Named Patient Program’ where governments/hospitals order the medicine and provide reimbursement. Later it is also planned to include a ‘Compassionate Use Program’ that offers donated medication to patients in parts of the world where this type of program is allowed, and an ‘Early Access Program’ where access to medication will be given in conjunction with a phase III clinical trial.

The first pharmaceutical company in HAEi GAP is Pharming Group.

HAEi GAP enables patients in all countries where Ruconest is not commercially available to gain access to the drug through an ethical and regulatory compliant “Named Patient Program” mechanism.

Simultaneously HAEi is working with other pharmaceutical companies to include other medicines in the program as well.

HAEi GAP is run in partnership with the medicines access company Inceptua.

HAEi Global Access Program

Click below to download the HAEi GAP flyers:

“The HAEi Global Access Program brings the opportunity of access to HAE medications in countries where modern therapies are otherwise unavailable. This is the first program of its kind in HAE, and we believe the first time this type of program has been initiated by a patient organization.”

Henrik Balle Boysen, Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, HAEi

“HAEi is committed to securing access to HAE medications for patients across the globe. We are extremely proud to have established HAEi GAP with our current partners and will continue to work with other manufacturers with the hope of expanding the program in the future.”

Anthony J. Castaldo, President & Chief Executive Officer, HAEi

Currently available medicines through the HAEi Global Access Program


Brand of recombinant C1-inhibitor (conestat alpha). Ruconest® is approved by FDA and EMA and is delivered intravenously. Ruconest® is approved for self-administration by FDA.

Company: Pharming Group NV

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