HAE Emergency Cards

An emergency card can be a quick and effective way to let healthcare professionals know that you have a diagnosis of HAE when you arrive at a hospital or care center, and the treatment that should be considered.

The HAEi Regional Patient Advocates have developed a template Emergency Card, which contains clear and simple information about HAE and treatment required during an attack. It also contains space for patients to add personal information such as emergency contact details and their specialist treatment center.

The Emergency Card has been translated into a number of languages and is already being used by HAE advocacy organizations around the world.

Below you will find examples of these cards for you to download and use. Each card has been designed to be printed at home, cut out and folded in half to create a format that can fit within a wallet/purse.

The Emergency Card has been designed to be used by HAE patients from all countries and can be adapted by any HAEi member organization. If you are a member organization and have designed your own emergency card that could be displayed on the HAEi website, or if you would like help from HAEi in adapting a card, please contact Chief Specialist Projects and Research Deborah Corcoran at gro.ieah@narocroc.d. If you are not a patient or part of an HAEi member organization and would like to use one of the cards, please contact the HAEi Regional Patient Advocate for your area and inform him or her that you plan to use the card. HAEi Regional Patient Advocates’ contacts can be found at www.haei.org/organization/meet-the-rpas.

Currently, the Emergency Card exists in the languages below and more will be added in the future.

You can also store our Emergency Cards on your phone via our HAE Companion app – click here to read more.

Language Native name Download link
Albanian Shqiptar Get emergency card
Arabic العربية Get emergency card
Armenian հայերեն Get emergency card
Belarusian Беларус Get emergency card
Bosnian Bosanski Get emergency card
Bulgarian Български Get emergency card
Brazil (Portuguese) Português Get emergency card
Chinese 中文 Get emergency card
Croatian Hrvatski Get emergency card
Czech Čeština Get emergency card
Danish Dansk Get emergency card
Dutch Nederlands Get emergency card
English English Get emergency card
Finnish Suomeksi Get emergency card
French Français Get emergency card
Georgian ქართული Get emergency card
German Deutsch Get emergency card
Greek Ελληνικά Get emergency card
Hebrew עברית Get emergency card
Hungarian Magyar Get emergency card
Italian Italiano Get emergency card
Japanese 日本人 Get emergency card
Kazakh Қазақ Get emergency card
Lithuanian Lietuvis Get emergency card
Latvian Latvijas Get emergency card
Macedonian Македонски Get emergency card
Mandarin (Taiwan) 国语(guóyǔ) Get emergency card
Montenegrin Crnogorski Get emergency card
Norwegian Norsk Get emergency card
Persian فارسی Get emergency card
Polish Polski Get emergency card
Portuguese Português Get emergency card
Romanian Română Get emergency card
Russian русский Get emergency card
Slovakian Slovenskí Get emergency card
Slovenian Slovenščina Get emergency card
Spanish Español Get emergency card
Swedish Svenska Get emergency card
Turkish Türkçe Get emergency card
Ukrainian Українська Get emergency card

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